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For far too long, minority employees have struggled to maintain their wellbeing, more so than their white heterosexual counterparts, making employers an essential partner in their welfare. What’s more, many traditional wellness approaches are largely one-dimensional, leaving employees feeling left out based on their physical or mental ability, work location, schedule, interest level, or goals. Or they just don’t see themselves and their unique needs reflected in the programming being provided.

A truly inclusive wellbeing solution offers something for everyone, while fostering a sense of belonging that drives engagement and positive outcomes.

Many organizations are just starting their journey towards a state of workforce wellbeing where all employees have an equal opportunity to reach their personal health and wellness goals.

In this enlightening session, Susan Van Klink, Grokker’s Chief Diversity Officer, and Alli Cromartie, Trane Technologies’ Global Wellness Leader, explore the promising role wellbeing programs play in furthering organizational Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging initiatives — and what it takes to build team momentum that supports and inspires all employees to be their best.

Watch and learn

  • The symbiotic relationship between employee wellbeing and inclusion/belonging
  • Key drivers and sources of workplace health and wellbeing disparities — and strategies to get in front of them
  • How focusing on diverse employee needs can direct meaningful program design and better outcomes
  • Insights into the checkpoints along the wellbeing/DEI&B journey and actionable next steps