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Disruption. Uncertainty. Fear

Although it sounds like an iconic spaghetti western, it also sums up 2020.

The past year took a toll on our bodies and minds, leaving everyone stressed out, exhausted, and close to burnout. With the return-to-work transition underway, there’s no better time to hang up our pandemic spurs and lay claim to some priceless wellbeing gold.

But first you need to know the lay of the land. And there’s no better guide than Grokker Innovation Labs’ 2021 research to map out a holistic view of workers’ physical and mental wellbeing, along with actionable advice from a 5-star panel of workforce wellbeing experts: Dr. Catherine Wikholm, Clinical Psychologist, Christopher Mohr, PhD, RD, and Manisha Thakor, VP of Financial Wellbeing.

This lively and interactive session is packed full of workforce wellbeing inspiration and insight so your company can ride off into a brighter future. You’ll discover:

    • The good behaviors workers are practicing to cope with trying times
    • The bad habits workers have fallen into while isolating at home
    • The ugly impact of high stress, physical ailments, and mental health issues on employees' home and work life
    • The hero: What you, the wellbeing-slinger, can do to help your employees overcome their most common barriers to self-care — and unearth a fortune in mind/body wellbeing